Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Great Democrat Somnambulism

America as a whole isn't liking Obama much these days.

As of August 16, 2010:

But, incredibly, Gallop shows that Democrats still think he's "one cool cat," with a current job approval rating among Dems almost the same today as it was at Obama's inauguration:

If this poll accurately reflects reality, then there seems little chance that the Obamatons will ever wake from their group somnambulism, and they'll still be mumbling about what a great leader he and the other Progressive Socialists were as they line up for their Soylent Green.

But, as PoliticalJunkie Mom points out, Democrat Pied Pipers just might start changing their tune in the hope of awakening enough snoozing Democrats to save their party.

Based on past experience, I wouldn't bet any money on their chances of success.


  1. What I find truly disturbing is how he does not seem to care about his poll numbers. He is on vacation again?

  2. Yep. He started today. Wifey and kids, too. But they're "only" vacationing at gorgeous, upscale Martha's Vineyard.

    On the other hand, the best-selling t-shirts there are emblazoned with an image of George W and the motto, "Miss me yet?". :-)

  3. @HonorThyself --

    I don't know if Obama and Michelle can get any lower, if that's what you mean. Heh.