Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are You Feeling Healed Yet? (Updated)

Update: Un-be-liev-able. Nice Deb reports that Nancy Pelosi is calling for an investigation into who is funding opposition to the 9/11 Victory Mosque.

Is that what is called "healing" in Dem-World these days? Investigating people crying out in grief and pain?

Over at American Thinker, Stella Paul has a few thoughts on the future "healing process," Dem-style:
As the Victory Mosque for The Nineteen Martyrs debacle explodes across the headlines, New York's courageous politicians are running for cover, crying for mommy. Even ardent endorsements by Hamas and President Obama haven't helped.
Because it is an immutable law of nature that no New York politician will ever stand for any principle higher than his survival, the Great Do-Over must now be underway. How can these worthies save their darling little hides?  What can they do to get that dang thing out of the headlines and lull everybody back to sleep once more? And what will happen when they do?
Look into Stella Paul's Crazy Crystal Ball  after she wonders what really does happen when "the long-promised civil trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed begins in downtown Manhattan, a few blocks away" from the mosque. See if you can honestly tell her that what she sees in her crystal ball is wrong.

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