Thursday, January 13, 2011

Civility: the New Word for Censorship

A good strategist will get the people he or she wants to influence to use their own energy to achieve the strategist's ends.

I think it's time for Conservatives to consider just how much direction we are willing to take from the American Left.

One obvious characteristic of most Conservatives and adherents to the Ten Commandments is their high regard for civility. Today I see a great many Conservatives rushing to display civility in their assessment of President Obama's memorial address in Tucson.

This afternoon, a caller on Rush's show who found the conduct of yesterday's memorial "unseemly" offered what I consider to be a moment of insight when she said: "Civility is the new word for censorship. Yeah. We don't want to criticize the state."

Rush agreed: "Civility is the new word for shut the heck up."

Indeed. [An added thought: the Leftist definition of "civility" might be a directive to Conservatives to shut up, but it does not seem to exclude giving free Democrat-blue t-shirts to memorial service attendees or having a memorial service "concession stand" at which beer reportedly was served.]



  1. Once again, your pen-name fits you perfectly as you are Quite Right about what the left wants in terms of 'civility', they want us to lay down and quietly acquiesce to all of their grand schemes to destroy this country and enslave us.

  2. I second what Zilla stated. Klavan is spot on! Maybe we should turn the tables on the Lefties and hold them to the same standard of "civility"?

  3. @Zilla - I'm feeling the chill. Are you?

  4. Yes. Great idea!

    Although I think it will take them a while to figure out that they are not considered universally exempt from their own avowed standards (such as they are).