Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NY Governor Vows to Make State the "Progressive Capital" of the U.S.

I just listened to most of Andrew Cuomo's State of the State speech. If I ever had any question about whether socialist progressive Democrats understand what the rest of America wants, New York's newly elected governor definitively answered that question.

They get it.

With an understanding of America's complaints as clear as that of any conservative, Cuomo neatly listed New Yorkers' complaints: too much government, government corruption, enormous ever-rising property taxes, huge spending on schools with no gain for students, declining job and business opportunities, etc., etc., etc.

No matter. Socialist progressive Democrats like Cuomo are intent on shoving their progressive dream down America's collective gullet anyway, cleverly (they think) disguised as capitalistic enterprise.

High on Cuomo's list of promised fixes is the state's spending on Medicaid health care for the 4.7 million poor people enrolled in the program. New York spends 40% of its money on Medicaid, which this year amounts to $54 billion of a total budget of $136 billion. And who are among the medical experts Cuomo is putting in charge of New York's "Medicaid redesign team"? None other than Cuomo's old buddy, campaign supporter, and "medical-care stakeholder," Dr. SEIU.

SEIU United Health Care Workers East is "a vast local union that represents hundreds of thousands of nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, home-care aides and other health-care workers."

As Cuomo pointed out, most emphatically, “We must turn this crisis into opportunity to fundamentally remake our state into the progressive capital of the nation."

This is not an empty threat. Cuomo, it should be remembered, is one of the original authors of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac "affordable housing" fiasco responsible for derailing the U.S. economy.

Hold on to your hats New Yorkers, and drop your wallet into Andrew Cuomo's collection box. Sick and poor? Stand aside. The SEIU is waiting.



  1. Never let a crisis go to waste. The progressive mantra. Disgusting. And scary. NY to join CA on the brink of bankruptcy countdown begins ...

  2. The progressives cooked up and caused this economic crisis so they could capitalize on it. This is most disturbing! I am so sick of libs taking advantage of a crisis for their own political and personal gain. The people who think libs care about them must be stupid, deaf, and blind.

  3. @Fuzzy -- New York City and environs established political servitude to unions, and the rest of the state gets to pay for it.

  4. @Teresa - "The progressives cooked up and caused this economic crisis so they could capitalize on it."

    Yes, and this governor and the mayor of NYC are going to do everything they can to make Obama's ideas look to voters like the lesser of two evils. Obama must be really enjoying himself: he'll have more time for Hawaiian snow cones and golf on the sunny side.