Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shape-Shifting Dems Nervous About State of the Union

Oh those rascals.

Democrats are so nervous about their dwindling popularity that, instead of sending Republicans to sit in the back, as Obama has demanded, they actually want to sit next to Republicans at the State of the Union address.


Democrats clearly don't want it to become too obvious during a nationally televised State of the Union Address by President Barack Obama that the majority in Congress no longer are willing to clap, cheer, and leap to their feet in standing ovations for President Obama's socialist, job-killing, incentive-destroying, poverty-inducing policies. From Yahoo:
Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) is leading the charge to get members of opposite parties to sit together in a symbolic show of unity during the president's Jan. 25 speech -- and the White House is on board.
The Democrat mantra, so ably articulated by the Democrat president no longer is: "We won," so  "Get out of the way" and "Don't do a lot of talking."

Now it's "Together We Thrive."

And to think, there's already a t-shirt for that.


  1. And of course, McCain is all for it. Can we just donate him to science or something?

  2. The people now see our leaders have no cloths.

  3. @fleeceme - McCain is an embarrassment. Sigh.

    @conservative girl - This is a call for "unity" that is not unity at all--it is partisan chicanery.

    @Trestin - I hope so. The Dems are sure acting like they are afraid.

  4. @Teresa - It's more of the old "sit down and shut up" game.