Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pakistani Pol Assassinated for Trying to Help Condemned Christian Woman, Aasia Bibi

Salman Taseer listens to Aasia Bibi at a prison near Lahore, Pakistan.
When Aasia Bibi, a Punjabi Catholic mother of five from a rural village of Pakistan, was sentenced to death for reportedly insulting the founder of Islam and thus violating Pakistan's so-called "blasphemy" law, the governor of the Punjab Province, Salman Taseer, visited her in jail and asked Pakistan's president to consider granting her clemency.

On New Year's Eve, as terrorists were making their final preparations to bomb Saints Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria, Egypt, thousands of members of Pakistan’s religious parties in three cities protested Taseer's efforts to overturn Bibi’s conviction.

Today Taseer was assassinated, shot nine times as he left an Islamabad restaurant by a Pakistani policeman who reportedly told authorities he killed Taseer for campaigning to repeal Pakistan's blasphemy law.


  1. Pakistan is such a mess. I don't think we could fix it if we are there a hundred years.

  2. More evidence of the nature of the Religion of Peace.

  3. @Trestin - Just hearing stories like this is enough to make normal human beings ill.

    Pakistanis want U.S. Marines (mostly Christian) to bring them food (grown mostly by Christians) using U.S. money and resources (provided mainly by Christians), but at the same time Pakistanis would rather riot in the streets than let one lone rural Christian woman think that she is good enough to drink water from the same bucket as Muslim women.

    Maybe I want my tax $$$ to go somewhere else.

  4. @Joe - Yeah, it's easy to see how much poor Aasia Bibi is enjoying the peace of Islam. And that's at the hands of the "moderates" who didn't just outright kill her in the street.