Thursday, June 30, 2011

Obama: Fed Gov't Should Stop "Poking Its Nose Into What States Are Doing"

Suddenly, the President is a states' rights kind of guy. Sort of.

At his news conference yesterday, the president said this:
"And so we’ve said we cannot defend the federal government poking its nose into what states are doing. . .
Of course, that wasn't the end of the sentence. Here it is:
". . . and putting the thumb on the scale against same-sex couples."
Funny how that works.

What states do concerning illegal alien problems, health insurance, industrial activity, Muslim demands for "accommodation," and even what kind of light bulbs state residents can use--well, that's another story.



  1. o gosh what a hyporcrite!! Have a fabulous July 4th weekend u patriot u!..(hugs!)

  2. @Woman - Hey thanks! And back to you! Enjoy our Independence Day.

  3. As long as the outcome ends up how he wants it Obama is okay with it. He's a man of political opportunism.

  4. @Teresa - And that goes for Obama's supporters, too -- at least the ones who are paying attention.

  5. Omg, right. I just heard the press conference video on the morning news. The federal government shouldn't poke there nose in the states business...hahahahahahaha. OK Obama if you say so. Do you feel that way about states opting out of Obamacare? Yeah right, my fellow Americans are so stupid for electing this liberal clown.