Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ready to Return to a Strong America? John Bolton for President

How about a genuinely intelligent, vastly knowledgeable, truly experienced in foreign-relations, America-first patriot as president? John R. Bolton, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, is considering a run for the presidency, and he says he'll make up his mind by Labor Day.  I hope he throws his hat into the ring.

A few Bolton quotes from the National Review Online:
“It is important that we are prepared to defend [Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget], even if that is not ultimately the adopted plan."
“We should not be seduced by momentary swings in public opinion. It has been a rock of conservative policy that we protect the national interest, whether it’s popular or unpopular. If we deviate from that, just because it’s politically opportune to do so, we are really making a mistake.”
“What I am in favor of is destroying the Taliban and al-Qaeda’s capability to wage war. Doing that does not require creating a Jeffersonian, democratic regime in Kabul and eliminating corruption countrywide, because we are not going to do either of those two things. It means defeating the enemy.”
“I think that Ronald Reagan had it right, being against abortion except in certain limited, defined circumstances.”
Bolton, who entitled his 2007 book Surrender Is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations and Abroad (a bargain for $10.80 @ amazon.com), has been a severe critic of what he termed the "failed approach to national security issues characterizing [Obama's] administration from the outset." Not surprisingly, Bolton is no fan of "Mr. Obama’s aversion to U.S. leadership and his decision to retreat behind the facade of NATO and the U.N. Security Council." About Libya, Bolton wrote in The Washington Times:

No one was fooled about America’s continuing central role militarily, but the charade has impeded finishing the job. Mr. Obama’s weakness and indecisiveness continue to risk having Libya descend into anarchy or split into two states and undercut our credibility and commitment elsewhere. 
The son of a fireman who eventually earned a doctorate in law from Yale, Bolton has proved throughout his long career that he predictably can be called on to favor the creation of unambiguous, no-nonsense objectives.

The ability to get people moving to fulfill unambiguous, no-nonsense objectives is called leadership.

After decades of pouring American dignity and treasure down the tubes in pursuit of will-o'-the-wisp, la-la-land, hopey-changey impossible-to-achieve progressive objectives, the people of this country desperately need to be brought together by a principled leader to work toward a few unambiguous, no-nonsense objectives.

It's what we do best.


  1. He would be better than a lot of the field, but I think he is better slated for a vp spot.

  2. @Trestin - He's not a great politician and definitely not a vote magnet. I know many people who will avoid casting a POTUS vote for anyone who looks like an old white guy. I'd still love to see him in a position of power. Secretary of State? Secretary of Defense?

  3. There are some really good ones in the race, and he is one of the ones in the top tier.

  4. John Bolton is the man, and THE front-runner in my own little one-man internal straw poll. Unfortunately, your contention about old white dude's is spot on and a damn shame. =(

  5. I'm hear via fleece. Bolton is probably running for veep or secretary of state.

  6. I think he will scare too many moderates. But, I will tell you what, not too many will be willing to mess with us if he is commander in chief.

  7. @Odie - The Libs don't deserve an America-first president, but the rest of us do!

    @fleeceme - If he got the VP spot, he'd be in the short line for the presidency.

    @edge - I think you're right.

    @girl - I'm looking for a commander-in-chief that our enemies don't want to mess with. That's one big reason why I am also a Palin fan.