Friday, June 10, 2011

Trivia Pursuit: How Many New Jobs Did Legal Immigrants Absorb in May?

I love me some interesting trivia.

Here's a tidbit you can offer to your liberal friends this weekend, via Mark Steyn:
In May, the U.S. economy added just 54,000 jobs. For the purposes of comparison, that same month over 100,000 new immigrants arrived in America. 

Wait, there's more:
. . . according to an analysis by Morgan Stanley, half the new jobs created were at McDonald's. 
McDonalds--that's one of the first companies that got an ObamaCare waiver so it could "create jobs."



  1. So 27000 jobs consisted of $8.00/hr jobs? Oh boy, what a jump in the economy (sarcasm)! This is so sad. Our economy is slowing down thanks to Obama's policies.

  2. @Odie - Puede reclamar Beneficios del Seguro por Desempleo en Internet!

    @Teresa - Even those jobs will not survive if Moochelle manages to criminalize consumption of burgers and fries by non-residents of the White House.

  3. They are deliberately destroying us. i linked to your great post here, QR:

  4. @Zilla - Most of the time, I agree that it is deliberate, but then every once in a while I get into a conversation with one of "them," and then I think that the destruction is a by-product of closed-minded arrogance.

    Thanks for the link!