Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just Another Square in a Rhino Skin Parka

President Barack Obama can bow down to a Middle Eastern potentate, accept reading-material tips from a Marxist dictator, and chat up terrorist leaders on his blackberry, but he invites his constituency to join him in a scornful laugh at fellow Americans who peacefully demonstrated in defense of their Constitution. More confirmation of who doesn't rate around here.

Of course, at the time he was not busy trying a stealth move to make combat-disabled veterans pay for their own artificial limbs, so there's something to be glad about.

Obama in his own teleprompter's words, followed by a few choice words from Dennis Miller:

"A thorough audit of federal spending"? Hey, you'd have to read the budget first.


  1. The way we finance our national debt is unsustainable: It is madness! There is a better way. Check out

  2. Ive learned one thing for sure over this last year... I continuously underestimate the duplicity, audacity, and derision coming from the left. Just when I think they couldn't get any more heinous and contemptible they go out and make me feel foolishly naive. Honestly, I am not surprised at how liberal Obama is by any means, but I am shocked that American has been so complacent in reacting to his radical behavior, as soon as he has shown his true colors.

  3. Sons4Liberty: Welcome to the blogosphere!

    Commissioner: Thanks for your comment. I feel the same dismay. Americans seem complacent, but perhaps those are mostly people who deep down agree with Obama or who cannot decode his actions because they have little grounding in history or lack plain old common sense. Many times I think they are pretty much the same group.

    I take heart from people like you whom I meet in the blogosphere and also the people who organized and attended the Tea Parties. We count too.