Tuesday, September 8, 2009

10,000+ Chicago Area Tea Partiers Cause 2-Mile Backups on I-80

Illinois Review has reported that more than 10,000 Labor Day Tea Partiers converged in the Chicago area, jamming roads and highways. Traffic on I-80 was backed up for two miles from both the east and west.

The Tea Partiers had assembled to greet the arrival of the Tea Party Express from California, which made a stopover at New Lenox Municipal Complex on its way to Washington, DC, for the Taxpayer March to be held on September 12.

A national Tea Party Express entourage had to have Will County sheriff escort the bus into the Municipal complex, around the backed up traffic on I-80. The buses are a part of a 33-city national tour, headed for Washington DC on September 12.

According to the Tea Party Express--Official Tour Blog, the Sheriff's Office reported that a portion of Interstate 80 was shut down for traffic control due to "the massive influx of people." The protesters carried signs of protest against "the Obama Administration, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Dick Durbin."

In Obama's own stomping grounds!

Below, Dottie McQueen of Joliet had some good things to say:

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Hat tip to American Power; check out this site for great coverage of the Tea Party Express.

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