Thursday, September 3, 2009

Idolatry and Indoctrination: The Socialist Twins

Are Obama's robotic followers in the Dept. of Education so innocently enamored of the guy that they can't imagine anyone not being "inspired" by the prospect of their child being required to read a worshipful biography (such as Barack Obama, Son of Promise, Child of Hope), then listen to Obama speak, then join a classroom discussion of his merits, and, for homework, write a self-examination of his or her ability to conform to Obama's desires?

Or is Obama's upcoming televised pop quiz for American children just one more jackbootfall on our current Democrat-induced forced-march to socialism?

The answer doesn't really matter. Both idolatry and indoctrination are enemies of independence, as every American used to know.

A prominent feature of all totalitarian states is the required use of textbooks praising the leader to the skies. Textbooks published in North Korea under Kim Jong Il, for example, are heavy on fantastic biographies of that "respected leader," featuring cut-aways like "Thank You, the Great Leader Marshall Kim Jong Il" for fictitious services like helping the Allied Forces win World War II. Textbooks published in Iraq under Iraq's "beloved" Saddam Hussein, were filled with "reverential references to the former dictator or his Baath political party," prompting one educator to suggest that Western students studying Iraq be asked to consider, "What are the drawbacks of linking patriotism to a single leader?"

I find it very interesting that our nation's Dept. of Education didn't stop to ask that question before writing teacher guides to Obama's indoctrination hour for children.

It is remarkable that our federally funded hive of education specialists had no difficulty inventing teacher guides for a text that the teachers can't yet access because, presumably, it will remain a work in progress by Obama's administration until its political utility can be fully appreciated and exploited. It is also interesting that, less than a week before the required viewing, the teacher guides are still under revision because they are so abhorrent to so many Americans.

It also is interesting that Obama, non-too-modestly (or courteously) has chosen to interrupt many American children's first day of school for his address. We can hope that the younger children will have had a chance to settle down and that the older children will have had the opportunity to find their seats and meet their teachers before Obama begins his noon lecture.

Non-obamatons aren't sure whether to keep their kids home during the president's schoolchildren indoctrination hour, have their children sent to a study hall instead, or join their kids in their classrooms to keep overly idolatrous teachers from reinforcing the message that the only good child is an obamaton.

Many parents are phoning their schools, school superintendents, and school boards to express their alarm that respect for a two-party system in the United States no longer exists as a practical consideration in the minds of American educators.

Whether school boards and superintendents pass that test or not, it is obvious that observance of a two-party system definitely will occur in voting booths across the country, including voting booths in which school boards are elected.

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