Monday, September 14, 2009

After the Tea Party's Over

AJ Strata at The Strata-Sphere posted a thoughtful comparison of the size of the September 12, 2009 Washington Tea Party versus the crowd that attended Obama's inauguration. After analyzing crowd densities and locations, Strata concluded:

In my opinion the [September 12] crowd was over 1 million. Maybe well over 1 million. But it is hard to compare a crowd in evenly spaced seats in a much more restricted lay out [at the inauguration] to a crowd of varying density spilling out into every crevice and corner in front of the Capitol [the Tea Party]. Given the high density and greater extent of taking over the open ground I think it is very possible the unadvertised Tea Party without any big name draws competed well with the largest inauguration crowd in recent memory.

It easily surpassed the inauguration crowds of all the other Presidents in recent memory. And that is saying something.

Here are two comparative views of the Mall after the two events, from a must-see collection of 9/12/2009 photos and videos presented by Ace at StealthFusion (via Strata-Sphere). The Washington Monument is visible in both photos. I think these photos speak volumes about the characteristics and values of the two opposing mindsets.

After the Obama Inauguration, January 2009

After the Washington DC Tea Party, September 12, 2009

These photos also beg the question: Into whose hands would you place the governance of your country?

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