Friday, September 4, 2009

Van Jones, Crack Addicts, and Philanthropy for Hip-Hop "Activists" (UPDATED)

Isn't it interesting that Van Jones, and the large group he is addressing in this video, have such obviously close knowledge of the behaviors of crack addicts?

This is the same Van Jones who wants "hip-hop" to become central to the social change the Obama administration is in the process of creating. Here is Jones' praise of Constant Elevation, a 2003 event in which a panel of hip-hop "youth activists" addressed an audience of "a few dozen representatives from some of the largest philanthropic foundations in the country":
This event makes it clear that the path of social change needs to go through youth culture, and therefore it needs to go through hip-hop. Once hip-hop becomes central to social change, the entire game will be changed.
Redstate wants to know "who 'suggested' Van Jones for his job, because "he or she has to go too."

Wouldn't you also like to know who put hip-hop "activists" in the same room as "a few dozen representatives of some of the largest philanthropic foundations in the country"?

Van Jones' advice to President Obama:
Using U.S. energy products to fuel the nation's economy, a "shameful" joke!

Making hip-hop "activists" central to critical national decisions, a must-do change, can't wait.
Advice Barack Obama is paying him for, using our tax dollars, of course.

Video via Redstate, via Hot Air Pundit, via @seanhackbarth.
Hip-hop quote via Gateway Pundit, via commenter Photosynthesis.

UPDATE: Who put hip-hop "activists" in the same room with foundation reps? Grantmakers in the Arts provides a list of organizations:
Several sponsors and collaborators helped make Constant Elevation possible: California Council for the Humanities, California Fund for Youth Organizing, Walter and Elise Haas Fund, The James Irvine Foundation, Northern California Grantmakers, Open Society Institute, The San Francisco Foundation, Tides Foundation, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

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