Wednesday, September 16, 2009

San Bernadino ACORN: New Definition of "Liberal"

The reality is, there are at least a half-dozen state and federal laws that could have been broken here. Even though the undercover girl is not a prostitute and there are no El Salvadoran girls either, this could still meet the legal standard for conspiracy to commit these various crimes. At a bare minimum, depending on the state, it likely fulfills the elements for the crime of attempted conspiracy, which usually carries the exact same penalty as the underlying crimes themselves (prostitution, tax fraud, etc.).

What’s important about prostitution and human trafficking is that they are specific triggers for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, better known as RICO. The RICO law is designed to enable the Justice Department to go after criminal enterprises. It defines “racketeering activity” as including importing illegal aliens for immoral purposes, falsifying identification documents and immigration papers, mail and wire fraud, and the sexual exploitation of children, among others.

The "missed stories media" may be looking the other way, but on the same day of the release of the above video showing a San Bernadino ACORN employee tell a purported pimp/prostitute pair that, "If they were liberal, they would be helping you" [set up a child-prostitution business], about a quarter of the House of Representatives agreed in writing that ACORN "should not receive another penny of American taxpayers' money."

Mike Flynn at Big Government pointed out that, last night,
[O]ver 130 members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to President Obama, asking him to disclose and terminate all federal funding to ACORN.
You can read the letter here.

As Flynn went on to advise:
That leaves 305 members of the House who are silent. If you want to find out whether your Congressman has taken a stand against an organization whose employees are eager to facilitate a child prostitution ring, call the House switchboard at 202-224-3121.
Spoken like a true "narrow-minded, right-wing" "bleeding heart."

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