Monday, May 3, 2010

15 Million Americans Moving to Canada?

It's always good to look at a situation through another lens, just to see what you come up with. Michael Filozof at American Thinker has an interesting--and informative--view of illegal immigration from the southern border.

Suppose for a moment that 15 million Americans -- the population of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut combined -- sneaked across the border into Quebec. Suppose that these illegal immigrants refused to learn to speak French, that they applied for Canadian welfare, that they reproduced at a rate higher than Quebec's residents, and that they bankrupted Canada's socialized medical system. Suppose that they sent their children to Canadian schools in such large numbers that Quebec's school system had to teach "French as a Second Language" courses.

Suppose that the 15 million illegal American aliens included large numbers of criminals, drug dealers from Vermont, and arms traffickers, causing Quebec's crime rate to soar; that they comprised 20% to 30% of Quebec's prison inmates; and that they routinely evaded capture by Canadian authorities by sneaking back across the border, where they engaged in gang warfare.

Under such circumstances, can't you just see American liberals having an enormous MSM-led pity party for the poor invaded French Canadians? Especially if there were a few hundred new departments in French colonial culture to be instituted in American universities, and an eager new constituency of ethnic French-Americans to mine for votes. The progressives would be clamoring for a state-of-the-art wall on the U.S. Northern border to protect Canada from Americans--and they would get it.

That's the idea, isn't it? To protect the rest of the world from us.

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