Monday, May 3, 2010

Sponsored by the Taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

I feel so much more secure now, don't you?

Bet you can't wait to start paying for ObamaCare and that bailout for Greece (not kidding about that).

Hat tip: Riehl World View.



  1. That was just a little disturbing to me. The state I live in really bites.

  2. I live in your neighbor state, New York, where the mayor of New York City just begged illegal aliens to come here for free medical care and the governor just decided to set up panels to expunge the criminal records of legal aliens so that they can't be deported.

    So, I would say the state I live in really bites too. And "they" know where New Yorkers live (the tax-paying kind at least), even if they aren't advertising it on TV spots.