Saturday, May 15, 2010

How Did They Ever Get Their Hands on Barry Soetoro's Barack Obama's Secret Scrapbook?

Is there anything quite like a trip down memory lane with a history-making, genius-level orator?


  1. That was interesting. He enjoys the company of crooks, radicals, and Muslim terrorists (PLO) and America haters and wants us to believe he is pro-America. He must be delusional or relying on all the Obamabots to believe that horse hockey. Barry said judge him by the company who surrounds him. He keeps company amongst some of the worst people, so I judge Obama as being the most radical , anti-American, and worst president ever.

  2. Teresa,

    Most people would have to look hard and long to find anyone who shares the moral compass of Barack's buddies.

    It isn't the cream that rising to the top, that's for sure.