Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thank You For Signing the Petition to Stop the 911 Mega Mosque at Ground Zero

My personal thanks to the many people who have used this site as a jumping-off spot to sign the petition to Stop the 911 Mega Mosque at Ground Zero or to write to New York City's Mayor Bloomberg. A number of people have spread the word with tweets, too. Your support means very much, very much indeed. It's all helping.

I've written quite a few posts about the Ground Zero Mosque, most of which I've "torn up," as far as one can tear up an arrangement of electrons sitting on a capacitor somewhere. There are a great many words that I can't bring myself to publish.

That "sensitive," soft-spoken, Muslim imam guy who just happened to have more than $4 million in cash to plunk down on land on which to build a 9/11 Ground Zero memorial mosque, complete with recreational facilities for devout Muslims, including a theater and swimming pool (Ground Zero being such a fun place and all) is telling anyone who will listen that the mosque is all about being "part of the solution." A lot of people are listening, including (or is that especially?) politicians in New York, like Mayor Bloomberg, who endorses the project and isn't lifting a finger except in the general direction of supporting the building of the mega mosque.

I judge the sincerity of the imam's claim by the amount of pain caused by his announcement of the building of the mosque. Pain that the imam is quick to label as "bigotry."

If Americans dare to express that they feel pain at the site of the torturous murder of their loved ones by Islamic terrorists at Ground Zero, they're quickly dismissed as "bigots" by the sensitive imam. He's not alone. The sensitive president of New York's Community Board No. 1, Julie Menin, thoroughly agrees, interestingly using the identical word: "There's been a tremendous amount of bigotry associated with this." You'd almost think they were reading from the same page, written at the same committee meeting.

According to these self-stylized standard bearers of what America is supposed to be thinking and feeling, not only are Americans supposed to bear the pain, they're supposed to shut up about the pain, and now they're supposed to salute Muslims for having a good ol' time at the place of their pain. All in the interests of "solution."

Because, well, you know, Americans are not supposed to be "bigots." And it goes without saying that it would be bigoted to ask exactly whose problem will be "solved" by building a mosque at Ground Zero, and the value of that solution measured against the pain it will cause. Bigotry, bigotry, bigotry.

Every time there's a new terrorist attack, more people develop a few new memories that won't be part of the "solution." Those memories will be part of 3:00 a.m. Sooner or later, as terrorist attacks continue, just about everyone in this country will have developed a trunk full of memories of personal experiences with Islamic terrorism. Friends and relatives that never returned, etc. Indelible images in their minds of why these people never returned. What their loved ones suffered in the act of never returning. What life would be like if they had returned, dear God. And so on. There are already thousands upon thousands of people like that living in the New York/New Jersey area, and many more in DC. Not to mention Fort Hood.

Those people are  just going to love walking by those Muslim cultural centers, filled with all those bleeding-heart-type Muslims so sensitive to America's pain, eating in their culturally correct restaurants, working out in their culturally correct exercise centers, and enjoying their culturally correct theatrical events and lectures (we can only imagine). In the bigger picture, though, the pain of Americans who haven't yet begun to recover from exposure to Islamic terrorists won't matter much. They'll only be "bigots."

Oh, about that swimming pool in the Muslim Cultural Center. Just one swimming pool? Where will the women swim?

Oh, stupid question. Bigoted too, for all I know.


If you don't like the idea of a mega mosque being build on Ground Zero (with a grand opening on September 11, 2011), here's a petition to sign. Mayor Bloomberg loves the idea: his email address. Here are links to contact the distinctly non-"bigoted" Financial District Committee who approved this plan and also the proudly non-"bigoted" Community Board No. 1 who gave them authority to do so. You are wisely being asked to be polite in your communications by the fearless Pamela Geller of the human rights group, Stop Islamization of America (SIOA). SIOA is hosting a rally at Ground Zero on June 6 at noon to protest the construction of this mosque.


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