Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NYC Community Board Okays Ground Zero Mosque Plans

"I don't want a mosque on the grave of my son and on the grave of everybody else who was murdered on that day," Rosemary Cain said. Rosemary's son George was a 35-year old NYC firefighter.

My deepest condolences, Rosemary. I grieve for you. American grieves for you.

But Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, his Muslim backers in the U.S. and in Muslim nations, think they know better.

And now NYC's Community Board No. 1 agrees that they do.

The board have put their stamp of approval (29 to 1, with 10 abstaining) on the Ground Zero mosque, which somehow is supposed to show "resident support" of the project, despite an overflow crowd of hurt and angry people who came to their meeting last night to oppose the mosque.
It's all supposedly about tolerance, but no tolerance for the beliefs of Rosemary and the other mourners of 9/11, whose bodies were never recovered from Ground Zero.

In her own country.

"I'm asking you to let this be a place of understanding where we can learn about each other," supporter Asim Rehman said.

Thanks a lot, Asim. Just what we need. Another forced "opportunity" to learn about Muslims, while the very act of building this mosque at Ground Zero demonstrates perfectly that you have no interest whatever in the feelings of non-Muslims, or even of Muslims who recognize with their hearts the injury caused by this proposed mosque.

Islamic "tolerance" in action.

Message received.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer said in a statement that by supporting the multi-faith community and cultural center, the board "sent a clear message that our city is one that promotes diversity and tolerance."

Leftie liberal approval noted.


Video from the meeting (Hat tip, Michelle Malkin). This is what the Board approved:


From a report by Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch via Atlas Shrugs:
Immediately after the vote the press was given a written statement from Stringer congratulating the Board for voting as they did, which indicates that he knew all along the way the vote was going to go.

But that doesn't mean that the 9/11 Mosque is a fait accompli. Oh, no. The people in that room tonight who knew that they were being lied to and sold a bill of goods are not going to take this lying down. This is why it is all the more crucial for you, if you possibly can, to attend our June 6 rally at noon at Zucotti Park in lower Manhattan. This is our last chance to make our voices heard. And we will be heard.
Londoners were able to stop their mega-mosque, and NYC can do it too.

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    1. If this mosque were about building bridges (or whatever), then they would see and "understand" why that location is insulting and upsetting. If they wanted this for any positive reason at all, they'd move the location to somewhere else in NYC. They chose that location for a reason, we all know it. They know it. This is not about goodwill or anything remotely resembling it.

      I am deeply offended by this, as are millions of other Americans. How can causing so much upset and offense be in the least be positive? Or be motivated by anything positive. All this does is make me feel more resentful to Islam (radical and not, to be honest) than before.

    2. Fuzzy-

      The maxim, "Everything I ever wanted to know about Islam I learned on 9/11," is one I once thought was justly reserved for use by those who suffered the most from 9/11. Now, any part of me that wanted to believe in any concept of "moderate" Islam has been destroyed by these NYC Muslims. They know what they're up to, and they are dissimulating their intentions for anyone soft-headed enough to fall for it, or venal enough to take them up on whatever they are offering. Tolerance, my foot. When I start feeling a little tolerance from Muslims, I think I'll be able to recognize it.

      It so happens that, by an accident of fate, I was taught more than I ever wanted to know about Sharia law as it is practiced in Malaysia from a Muslim academic specialist in Malaysian jurisprudence. For women, it is a horror.

      Malaysia, as Debra Burlingame pointed out, is where the Ground Zero imam has his financial and philosophical roots.

      Too many non-Muslim women--like those sitting on the Community Board--aren't letting themselves believe what they are setting up for their daughters. They are living in a Goody Two Shoes world of moral equivalence. But they had better pull off their blinders pretty soon. As Mark Steyn pointed out, only partly in jest, if Shariah law takes root here, as a man, he'll mostly have to grow a thicker beard. For women, it's going to be a very different story.