Friday, May 28, 2010

John Brennan: What's Wrong with Jihad?

Just as I thought I'd better take a break from fulminating about the heartbreaking plan for a Ground Zero mega-mosque, I discovered that the Obama's top counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, just defended jihad as a "legitimate tenet of Islam." This begs the question: Is Brennan advising Obama, or is Obama advising Brennan? Of course, the obvious answer is that this stuff rolls downhill, and no doubt has been splashing around the governmental corridors of New York City since Obama was elected. Read about it if you can stand to. I think the jihadists already know.

Cartoonist Stilton Jarlsberg had this response:



  1. I couldn't believe my ears. Didn't he pretty much just give American approval for the continued jihad against us? How else can that be interpreted.

    I did think, though, that he seemed rather uncomfortable with the text . . . almost like those vids of Americans captured in the Middle East reading their statements. Before they were beheaded.

  2. Allowing this mosque to be built in NYC is akin to injecting yourself with cancer.

  3. great truths ..and keep fighting for justice! HAVE A MEANINGFUL Memorial Day and pray for our Nation please!!

  4. @ Fuzzy - Birds of a feather . . . If ever there was an example of being able to know someone by the company they keep, this administration is it. The part that floored me was Brennan's reference to Jerusalem by its Arabic name, and his giving speeches in Arabic but warning his audience not to translate what he said for non-Arabic speakers (via a tape played by Rush today). That's really rich.

    @ Joaquin - Yes, only this is the communicable kind. They inject themselves with cancer, the rest of us get to catch it too. No inoculations, surgical masks, or disinfectant for us.

    @ Honor - Thank you. Ours really is the "sweet land of liberty." Anyone with half a grain of sense should know that Americans are conservators of something irreplaceably precious.

  5. "Americans are conservators of something irreplaceably precious." Perfectly said.

    Those who think Jihad is legitimate are uncivilized goons...including members of this administration.