Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Boehner: "We will work to kill the Omnibus bill"

Hawaii's Democrat Senator Daniel Inouye brayed that this year's Congressional Christmas surprise, the nearly 2,000-page Omnibus spending bill "reflects a year's worth of work by members of both parties."

I don't doubt that getting this bill on paper took hard work. No pickpocket learns his skill without training and practice. Likely those "members of both parties" were not members of Congress at all, but were an army of hard-working lobbyists and government agency representatives who are close to pilfering an astonishing $1.1 trillion dollars of borrowed money from America's collective pocket.

Imagine the effort that went into squeezing $575 million dollars of debt onto every single page of the 1,924-page bill.

We really have to hand it to Senator Inouye and the rest of the lame duck Democrat congress for the history-making demonstration of ill-bred contemptuous audacity, shameless self-interest, and absence of compassion that it took to shove this new debt into the faces of Americans struggling--and often failing--to keep food on the table, fuel in the gas tank and the furnace, and keep up with the car, home, medical, and insurance payments.

Inouye, who is chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, had more to say:
Together, we have closely scrutinized the president's budget request, held hundreds of hearings, thousands of meetings, and asked literally tens of thousands of questions to each and every federal department and agency seeking justification for how taxpayer dollars are being spent. [italics mine]
Either it is mighty easy to get "justification for how taxpayer dollars are being spent" from federal agencies or Inouye is a big fat liar. Or both.

However difficult it was to stuff more than a trillion dollars of spending into a bill only 2,000 pages thick, it is going to be even more difficult for a suffering America to pay that $1.1 trillion, plus interest, if this monstrous bill gets passed. Mr. Inouye and his Democrat comrades in Congress clearly could not care less about America's difficulties.

Is it entirely within the power of the current lame duck Congress to hang this millstone of a spending bill around America's neck?

From Fox News:
The fiscal year runs from Oct. 1-Sept. 30. Currently, a continuing resolution, the stopgap measure to keep government operational until a budget is passed, is set to expire on Saturday. If another CR or the bill itself isn't passed and signed into law by President Obama by then, the government will shut down.
On the House side, Republican leader John Boehner is apparently warning that if the Senate sends over the bill as it is, "We will work to kill it."
America does not want Republicans to "work" to kill the bill. We want it dead.


  1. I heard there are at least 3 retardicans who say they'll support this atrocity. They don't appear to have heard any of us at all, or they simply don't care.

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