Friday, December 3, 2010

How Much Does Obama ♥ MSNBC? $16 Billion Worth!

Just had to pass this on, from Stilton Jarlsberg at Hope n' Change:
It turns out that there's a very good reason that MSNBC's alleged news coverage slants so heavily in favor of the Obama administration. In fact, there are 16 billion reasons...because that's how many taxpayer bailout dollars were secretly given to MSNBC's parent company, General Electric.

In fact, the bailout money quietly went everywhere - not just in the United States, but around the world; to banks, companies, private businesses, and anyone else with connections. In other words, the trillions in giveaways went to everyone except the people footing the bill: the American taxpayers. You know, the people that MSNBC is currently saying should pay higher taxes.

But MSNBC didn't mention their financial windfall when giving leg-tingling praise of all things related to the Obama administration, or hint that they were on the government payroll as surely as (other) Whitehouse Spokesman Robert Gibbs.

No, the money quietly went to things like MSNBC's advertising campaign for their new slogan: "Lean Forward." Which must have been created by a woman who didn't realize that these are the most dreaded words that men of a certain age can hear when in their doctor's office.

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