Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pelosi's "Global Warming" Committee Going Out With Trash

I'm starting to have some confidence in the soon-to-be Republican majority in the House.

Wisconsin Republican congressman, Jim Sensenbrenner, has announced that one of the invasive species tenderly cared for in Speaker Pelosi's Congressional Shop of Horrors will be thrown on the compost heap by the incoming GOP majority. The name of this invader: the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

This is great news.

From The Wall Street Journal via Watts Up With That?:
Massachusetts Democrat Edward Markey will hold one last media spectacle at his Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming today, allowing such oracles as green activist Robert Kennedy Jr. to preach about the imminent catastrophe of climate change. Let’s hope Speaker-designate John Boehner makes it the committee’s last hurrah.

Current Speaker Nancy Pelosi created this outfit in 2007 as a way to outflank then Energy Committee Chairman John Dingell, for whom climate change is not a religion. The committee provided Mr. Markey a prominent perch from which to work closely with California’s Henry Waxman (who later deposed Mr. Dingell) on the cap-and-trade bill that passed the House and helped so many Democrats lose their seats in November.

Mr. Markey held more than 50 hearings, at which he demeaned reputable scientists, attacked oil and gas companies, and in general evangelized about the need to replace carbon energy with windmills and solar panels. With no bill-writing powers, committee Members spent $8 million or so on hearings, global “fact-finding” missions and reports of little consequence. Oh, and Mr. Markey elbowed his way into investigating the BP spill, which he used as a platform to demonize oil exploration.
Why is the death of this Committee a major victory for sentient life everywhere on the planet (particularly people and animals suffering from hunger)--and for plant life too?

One reason is explained by Dr. Sylvan Wittwer in his book, Food, Climate and Carbon Dioxide. As CO2-phobes always overlook, plants, including food crops, love this rare gas. When the level of CO2 in the air increases, plants grow faster and healthier. That's because plants use CO2 to produce the sugars that they need to grow (and that taste good to the rest of us). More plant life on the planet, more food for everybody! Or, in more formal terminology, greater global food security:
[T]he effects of an enriched CO2 atmosphere on crop productivity, in large measure, are positive, leaving little doubt as to the benefits for global food security. It is, therefore, inappropriate for public discussion of the issue to focus only on the hypothetical dangers of global warming that might result from higher CO2 levels. It is equally important to stress the known benefits.... 
...The rising level of atmospheric CO2 is a universally free premium, gaining in magnitude with time, on which we can all reckon for the foreseeable future. Direct effects of increasing CO2 on food production and the output of rangelands and forests may be more important than the effects on climate.
Now if we can only get this message to the folks gathered in Cancun who are worried about how to get Americans to pay penalties to much of the rest of the world for daring to participate in Nature's carbon cycle. It won't be easy. As the UK Telegraph has pointed out, "In the pre-Hispanic language Cancun means "nest of serpents." 

H/t: Elmer at Minnesotans for Global Warming.


  1. This alone made the 2010 election worth while.

  2. This is great news! It looks like the GOP is getting the message which was sent loud and clear in the 2010 election.