Tuesday, April 20, 2010

QR's Gossip Break: What's a Tea Party without a Little Gossip?

After I read Fuzzy's Faux News yesterday, I decided to get a head start on preparing for the arrival of that low-income family we'll be adopting as part of the President's new plan. We've been paying their keep for quite some time, so it does seem logical for them to move right in. And really, more efficient. Cuts out the middle man.

I was sweeping the garage so I could set up a some cots for my own family (next to the new outlet Fuzzy advised us to have installed for our adopted family's electric cars). I was feeling kind of blue. Not that I am not 1000% for social justice, mind you. It's just that I like a smidge of actual justice mixed in with my social justice.

Just then I got a post from No Sheeples Here (she who is heard, not herded), who suggested that, before I have the yard sale, I click over to USElections.com and, I must say, it was more fun than having a beer with Obama.

They have listings of politicians available for sweeping out of office.

I clicked on 50 States/Elections, scrolled down to the map, and clicked on my state, New York.

Zowie! Not only is our Democrat Governor, David Patterson, going to be replaced this year (he's not even running for re-election), but New York has both its U.S. senate seats up for grabs. Facing election in November are Democrats Chuck Schumer and Kirstin Gillibrand. (It's a special election thing.)

Check out who New Yorkers have a chance of sweeping out of the House this year: Democrats Charlie Rangel, Maurice Hinchey, Bill Owens, Tim Bishop, Carolyn McCarthy, Jerrold Nadler, Mike McMahon, John Hall, Nita Lowey, Scott Murphy, and Mike Arcuri. Every single one of them will be facing Republican, Independent, or Conservative challengers. And the seat of Eric Massa, who resigned in March for uh, nevermind, will be open too.

Try it yourself. Click on USElections.com, and select your favorite dirtbag for removal. Then you can click onto the Web sites of everybody with their hats in the ring to run against him or her. Find a real good candidate, and help that brave soul win the primary. Just make sure to pick a candidate who has access to a really BIG dumpster. The next Congress is going to have to throw out a lot of legislation.

Some sugar with that tea, my dears?

Oh, and thanks to Joaquin at How's That Obama Vote Working Out For You??? for the following:


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  1. Thanks for the linky love! AND for the link to USElections. I picked out my very favorite candidate running against my loser rep and can't wait to get started. Brian Herr for MA District 3!!