Saturday, April 3, 2010

Your Worst Suspicions . . . The Truth is Worse Than That!

Hop on over to Another Black Conservative to get the latest on how the press managed to report fabricate abuse heaped on black Congressmen by supposedly racist Tea Party protesters despite hundreds of hours of videotape evidence to the contrary.

A quick recap from Clifton:
We have Congressional Black Caucus members walking through a mob of protesters when they could have easily and safely taken the underground tunnels. Two of the Congressional Black Caucus members had video cameras in hand but no recording of the alleged racial slurs. Next we have a McClatchy reporter interviewing CBC members and publishing a story about the alleged incident in record speed. In addition the McClatchy reporter breaks the time space continuum and references sources from two articles that had yet to be published.
It's not every reporter who can write news stories about news events that haven't even happened yet.

That's almost better than writing news stories about news events that never happened, which any fool can do.

But not as good as reporting news events that were supposed to happen, but for some reason didn't work out as planned.


  1. Can I just tell you how mad it makes me to see that woman carrying that comically large gavel? That is enough but set it with news of their fabricated reports of violence and slurs and I feel as though we are in a nightmare that won't be over until November at the earliest.

  2. That's a gavel? I thought it she was headed over to pound in a ceremonial tent stake for the 3-ring circus.

  3. I read a comment, from some body that was a writer- said, the only way the story could be out in the public as fast as it was; was if the story had been pre-written!

  4. They Say: It sure looks that way!