Thursday, April 22, 2010

Michael Mann Thinks He's So Smart: Aims Lawsuit @ Bloggers

Touchy, touchy.

Global alarmist Michael Mann is celebrating Earth Day this year by sending his lawyers after bloggers who made fun of poor little old him.

Mann used to love being one of the world's most famous global alarmists before he got caught playing fast and loose with the scientific method and statistical analysis. Now he's going after Minnesotans for Global Warming because they dared to poke fun at his mishandling of scientific data.

Mann's lawyers have demanded that M4GW remove one of their best videos from their Web page and from YouTube, which they did. But it hasn't been completely scrubbed yet, and I found a copy of it:

Mann, one of the academic co-inventors of Global Warming alarmism, is now a professor at Penn State. However, he was teaching at the University of Virginia when he concocted his infamous "hockey stick" graph, in which he spliced together cherry-picked findings from different studies to make the argument for global warming look convincing to policymakers and the general public. Mann also limited the sample size of his tree-ring studies to exclude available samples that would negate his findings.

In short, he razzle-dazzled this:

into this:

Accidentally on purpose, Mann managed to make the entire Medieval Warming period--in which Earth's temperature rose without the assistance of human activity--disappear from view, leaving plenty of room for the gullible to swallow tall tales that the enormous Himalayan glaciers are about to melt, the rainforests are about to disappear, polar bears contentedly sunning themselves on ice floes are in danger of drowning, and the CO2 gas needed by Earth's plant life to exist and which is exhaled by all mammals, including humans, ought to be taxed into oblivion.

Here's a close-up of the splice job. In the chart on the left, observe the disappearance of the green temperature line. Mann made that line "disappear" because it was about to take a nose dive, indicating falling global temperatures, as shown in the chart on the right.

Fast forward to Climate Gate, in which a number of inconvenient truths were exposed as untruths. It turns out that the Himalayan glaciers are behaving normally, global temperatures are not threatening the rainforests, the polar bear population is exploding, and Obama and his Obamatons won't really be saving the Earth by cutting down on the atmospheric gas that plants need to grow so that we can turn them into orange juice and Cheerios (okay, tofu and granola).

Happy Earth Day, Professor Mann. And try to keep in mind this message from Mother Nature, brought to us via Minnesotans for Global Warming: Nothing would be green without CO2. 

Hat tips: Watts Up With That, No Cap and Trade Coalition,
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