Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm Still Thinking about These Carolers . . .

Some of the intended victims of Mohamed Mohamud's Portland, OR, bombing plot, sing a joyful Christmas carol as the Christmas tree is lit in Pioneer Courthouse Square. (AP Photo, The Oregonian, Torsten Kjellstrand)

. . . but, predictably, the Portland police, who have a "proud" history of refusing to work with the FBI to confront Islamic terrorism, "have increased patrols around mosques and other Islamic sites in Portland." (H/t Critical Narrative.) Now that Attorney General Eric Holder has assigned the FBI with the extra duty of investigating the cause of a small fire that broke out in Mohamed Mohamud's mosque on Sunday, I have no doubt that the Portland police will not refuse to cooperate with that investigation.

A young fellow leaving flowers at Mohamed Mohamud's mosque on Sunday. (AP Photo, Rick Bowmer)


  1. It's worth noting that Corvallis (where the fire was) isn't all that close to Portland (about 85 miles away)-- and it's certainly not patrolled by Portland PD. So Portland's increasing patrols even though nothing has been reported as happening in Portland itself.

    Portland PD also has a proud history of ignoring problems until they absolutely can no longer do so. Back in the 80s some skinheads were sent up to Portland from So Cal where they then began to beat up minorities (mostly Blacks) in public places at night-- parks, etc. It wasn't until one of these victims was beaten to death that Portland PD did much more than express their disapproval at the violence.

  2. @yukio. Interesting.

    I doubt that Portland has anything on Ithaca, where the public library adamantly displayed signs assuring library users that they would not share info with the FBI when the goal was counter-terrorism. Some years before, however, the librarians were quite willing to share info with the FBI when the goal was catching a counterfeiter. (They caught him.)

    I wonder whether Portland will take this most recent threat seriously or just hit the snooze button again.