Monday, June 29, 2009

Aloha Kumbaya: Hawaiians Ask Obama for Uighurs

When Robert Greenwell of the Hawaii County Council and Ed Coll and his buddies at the Kaua'i Alliance for Peace and Social Justice think aloha, a word that signifies many kinds of love and welcome, they think Uighur terrorist.

Recently, Greenwell and the Alliance independently wrote to Barack Hussein Obama asking him to send the Uighur terror campers at Gitmo to Hawaii where they can bask in warm sunshine and tender aloha.

Not that there isn't some gentle rivalry between Greenwell and the Alliance over which is the most empathic. Greenwell wants the Uighurs on his island, the Big Island of Kona, but the Peace and Social Justice crew want to entertain them on Kaua'i. Via Canada Free Press:
The idea isn’t to incarcerate the prisoners here, the councilman said, but to release them and begin a process of healing and forgiveness.… “I think if we want to be known as a place of love and aloha, this is a place to express it."
The Alliance for Peace and Justice agrees:
“What better aloha than this humanitarian gesture from Hawai‘i already known for its rich and diverse ethnic population? Hawai‘i can much more easily absorb these men than our Pacific Island neighbors in Palau."
It is a fact that the Gitmo Uighurs are holding out for better digs than Palau. They already have turned down a move to China, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, and Uzbekistan, because those are places that the ex terror campers wouldn't feel, well, safe. Palau, besides being short on Muslims and long on Christians, doesn't have an army to defend the Uighurs from kidnapping by the Chinese.

But would they like Hawaii any better, with that state's large population of Chinese?


Greenwell and the Peace and Justice pacifists better hope the Uighurs don't find out that North Korea is pointing nuclear missiles at the Aloha State. That could be a deal breaker.

Hat tip: Hawai'i Free Press
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