Friday, June 26, 2009

Calling All Carbon-Based Life Forms: Cap and Trade Vote Today

All known life is carbon based. Carbon, combined with other elements, especially oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen, is the stuff of which life is made and on which all living organisms depend.

Today, the House of Representatives will be voting on a very dangerous scam known as Cap and Trade, which, under the guise of improving the environment, will penalize some of those who create carbon dioxide and reward some of those who use it, and vice versa. Razor-sharp lawyers in Congress have been cutting deals behind closed doors that decide which is which, based purely, they want you to believe, on what is best for the environment and what is best for you.

Squirrels, who create carbon dioxide by breathing, are exempt (so far), as are the trees they live in, which absorb the carbon dioxide exhaled by the squirrels.

Your favorite member of the animal kingdom will not be exempt, however, because pet food, pet toys, and veterinary supplies will go up in price.

In fact, in America, all food, energy, and manufactured goods, including medicine, will cost more as a direct result of Cap and Trade, but the environment will not improve as a result.

In China, though, food, energy, and manufactured goods will be exempt from Cap and Trade charges. That will be nice for the Chinese who get jobs that Americans used to have. Maybe your job.

Please tell your Congress: CO2 is okay by you, or face the biggest tax increase in the history of the U.S.

The economic slavery you prevent may be your own.

Contact your Representative here. Al Gore as been on the phone all week, and the last time that happened, the second largest oil reserve in the U.S. got handed to a big oil company. No joke.

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