Monday, June 22, 2009

Cap and Trade Bill: Don't Save Your Breath on This One

On Friday, the Waxman-Markley Bill, otherwise known as HR 2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, was put on the House Calendar, so it will be coming up very soon, most likely when you are paying attention to some other crisis.

There are lots of excellent reasons to oppose this bill, not the least of which is the danger to life of attempting to inhibit production of a compound exhaled by every living creature and absorbed by all plant life as part of the recycling process invented by Mother Nature at least one eon ago, before Al Gore won his Nobel Peace Prize and his Oscar.

More CO2, more plant life. More plant life, more food. More food, less hunger. Etc.

The planet's largest "CO2 sinks," that is, CO2 absorbers, are rainforests. My garden is a CO2 sink on a very much smaller scale. If the Waxman-Markley bill makes it into law, rainforest "owners" will be the recipients of huge carbon-tradeoffs from U.S. manufacturers. How much will Congress be sending American gardeners, farmers, fruit growers, and foresters for our little CO2 sinks? I don't plan on holding my breath, even though that would be one small step toward reducing CO2 so that China can have a bit clearer conscience about building all those coal burning power plants (one per day).

Besides plentiful plant crops, another path to good nutrition are plentiful good jobs. Here's how Waxman-Markley will affect jobs in America, as projected by the Heritage Foundation:
As a result of this regulation, job losses would exceed 800,000 annually for several years. The already-struggling manufacturing sector would be hit especially hard: durable-manufacturing employment will decrease by 28 percent; machinery-manufacturing job losses will exceed 57 percent; textile-mills employment will decrease by 27.6 percent; electrical-equipment and appliance employment will decrease by 22 percent; paper and paper-product jobs will decrease by 36 percent; and plastic and rubber products employment will drop 54 percent.
Of course, somebody will be getting rich (or is that richer?) via Cap and Trade. Just not you or your country.

For two more days, you can voice your opinion here courtesy of the Heritage Foundation. It just takes a minute.

Or you could pick up the phone.

Please do. House Speaker Pelosi wants this to be a done deal by what we still refer to as Independence Day.

(hat tip: Rockdalian at Bookworm Room)
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