Monday, June 22, 2009

Gitmo Uighurs Hold Out For a Better Deal

If Guantanimo Bay is such a bad deal, why are the 13 Uighur terrorist campers remaining there digging in their heels and refusing to leave?

According to the Washington Post, the 13 Uighur detainees currently eating pizza at Guantanimo Bay already have turned down relocation offers to five different countries that have agreed to take them: China, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, and Uzbekistan. Now several of them are having trouble with the idea of giving up their accommodations at Gitmo and moving to Palau, a tiny South Pacific country which also happens to be a tropical paradise.

What's the problem with Palau? According to its constitution, Palau cannot grant citizenship to the Uighurs. So sad. More to the point, Palau is mostly Christian, in fact mostly Roman Catholic. Uighurs should be expected to rub elbows with Christians?

Where do the Uighurs want to go on your dime? The U.S. or Europe.

I'm not too worried about the Uighurs wanting to move next door to me. But if you live in a really nice neighborhood on a beach, with excellent local legal services, and a mosque nearby, you might be getting a little nervous.

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