Friday, June 19, 2009

Bermudians Tell Premier: Send 'Em Back to Guantanamo

Bermudians don't seem to be as cheery about hosting four Muslim terrorist campers as news reports have been leading us to believe. In fact, the splash from the Uighurs' much-publicized dives into the blue waters surrounding the Island might be just powerful enough to sink the political career of Bermuda's Premier, Ewart Brown.

According to Bermuda's The Royal Gazette:
MPs are now preparing to vote on whether Dr. Brown should be kicked out because of his "reckless, autocratic and unaccountable" leadership style.

Opposition leader Kim Swan said the Premier's actions over the Guantánamo Bay affair — in which he failed to consult with the Governor or UK before bringing four Chinese Muslim prisoners to the Island — was just another example illustrating why he must be removed.


. . . Mr. Swan told the House: "I raise to introduce a motion of no confidence that this House has no confidence in the Government led by Premier Ewart Brown."

Mr. Swan added in a press statement: "Why have we moved a motion of no confidence?

"The public affairs of Bermuda are increasingly subject to the politics of one man rule under the Premier, Dr. Ewart Brown. We consider this unhealthy and not in Bermuda's best interest.

"This is not just about Uighurs in Bermuda, though that issue typifies a style of leadership that is reckless, autocratic and conducted with no sense of accountability to the people or, indeed, to Bermuda's Constitution. "The motion reflects concerns held by the general public but also our long-standing concerns about a host of public issues that have not been well managed.

"What we are seeking with this motion is a change of leadership for Bermuda — not necessarily a change of Government at this time — but a change that can get this Island back on a steady course, where we no longer are distracted by the antics of one man, where we can collectively get together, roll up our sleeves and start working on solutions that are best for Bermuda."
Brown responded on his Facebook page: "Imagine how the poor, innocent stateless refugees feel right now."

Presuming that these Chinese citizens really can be considered "stateless" (they don't have passports, Brown has stated), I think that Bermuda's Premier left out an important detail about their so-called "refugee" status. Abdul Nasser, Huzaifa Parhat, Abdul Semet, and Jalal Jalaladin, who currently are occupying luxury beachfront accommodations on the dime of American taxpayers, didn't acquire their "refugee" status as the result of a natural disaster. They chose to become "members or associates" of the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement, otherwise known as the Turkestan Islamic Party, a gun-toting, terrorism-plotting organization affiliated with al Qaeda, and so designated by both the U.S. and the U.N, not to mention China. Having made that choice, they traveled to Tora Bora in Afghanistan to learn how to use weapons in their jihadist cause. Then they got caught.

Hat tip: Vexed Bermoothes.
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  1. This whole situation is maddening. I wonder what line-item in the budget "supporting terrorists' residence in Carribean vacation spot" is under...

    But it looks like Ewart Brown is learning that agreeing to something for Obama's political convenience, isn't actually in Brown's political interest. Other US allies should take note.