Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scary Stuff: What Ground Zero Imam Says on Arabic Websites . . .

and what it means to Muslims.

Obama may believe in dialog, and NYC Mayor Bloomberg may believe in dialog, and the NYC committee that put their stamp of approval on the Ground Zero mosque may believe in dialog, but a key figure in the Ground Zero mosque project doesn't: the imam who is the point man for this mosque. Of course, he's not mentioning that highly significant view in English. Why should he, when New York liberal socialist politicians (there aren't any other kind in NYC) are falling all over themselves to believe him, and their "useful idiot" media camp followers are desperate to believe in the superior humanity and rationality of "Islamic democracy." In true multicultural fashion, these smarter-than-you (or so they think) politicians and media darlings seem to believe that if it's good enough for Turkey, it's good enough for the U.S. They must stay at the right hotels in Turkey.

No, the imam is stalwart in his view that dialog is a ludicrous idea, but he's saying it in Arabic.

According to Shariah law, if the Ground Zero mosque gets built, that ground belongs to Islam forever; it becomes an embassy for Islam, and no man can close it down without infuriating and rallying the entire Muslim world. More Shariah law: "Smile at non-Muslims while your hearts curse them."

Don't believe me. Believe the native Arabic speaker in this video (long, but worth every minute you can spare):

This mosque must not be built. Americans must not fall for that "there's nothing we can do to stop it" BS.  That's always the politicians' opening maneuver.
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  1. I'm so glad you posted this, I saw it last week and tweeted it (a few times) and have been trying to think of a post to write on it. This is truly scary stuff. And all the more so because BO is either totally sympathetic to Islam or totally naive and ignorant. I waiver between the two in my assessments of him, I must admit. On the one hand, he seems to think it's his job to tell Islam and Muslims what they are, what they believe, what is important, what is not, what their religion means to them, etc. (obviously this is enormously insulting, or it's obvious to us, anyway). He kind of reminds me of Lord Voldemort who couldn't be bothered to understand house elf magic because he didn't deem it worthy, thought he totally understood it already.

    But then on the other hand, he does have a Muslim background and must know more about all this stuff than he lets on. Not sure it matters where he's coming from, what's important is that we understand where this imam is coming from and what this mosque would mean to the Muslim world.

    As long as I'm doing my Harry Potter analysis, heh, doesn't this remind you of Griphook and how he viewed goblin-crafted items vs. how wizards viewed them? To the goblins, as they made it, it was ever theirs, no matter who bought it or inherited it, but to the wizards, once they paid or it, that was that. Not saying this imam is a goblin (I think he's much worse than that), but there is a parallel inasmuch as Americans just can't seem to be bothered to understand our enemy. We don't get their culture, we have little understanding of what motivates them. Well, at least we on the right have a clue, while the left is completely delusional on the subject. "jihad" doesn't exist? uh-huh, okay. Pass that Gryfindor sword back to Griphook wouldya.

    Ugh, sorry! I told you I'd been thinking about writing about this (and now you know why I got stuck, it's all babble at the moment. heh).

  2. The things we allow in the name of cultural diversity are frightening.

  3. Fuzzy--Don't apologise! I can see why your post on this hasn't gelled yet. Whew! It's going to be a good one. I'd better go read Harry Potter to prepare myself. When you mention goblins, my brain speeds back to Lord of the Rings. Tolkien's goblins are about on the level of the Muslim street gangs who drag bodies through the streets and then hang them from bridges. The evil wizards are the ones who control them.

    Here's my thinking on Obama and Islam, which I draw from my own observations of human nature. It looks like the best, most secure times of Obama's childhood were in Indonesia, when he still lived in the embrace of a nuclear family with his own mother, and where he was tutored at the knee of his Muslim stepfather and played and learned in grammar school with mostly Muslim children (and where he studied the Koran). Indonesia was probably the closest Obama ever got to paradise, and it is where he received his nuturance during infancy, toddlerhood, and early childhood. He's got huge emotional ties to Islam, and, no matter what they say, he's probably not bright enough to recognize the importance of weighing those early emotional ties to geopolitical reality.

    On top of that, Obama's early childhood was not as a child in just any culture, but as a treasured male child in a culture in which men and boys are essentially treated as kings from birth. To be treated as an absolute monarch in such cultures, all you have to do is be born male--that's it, no personal accomplishments necessary. In later life, such men might act politely, but that's mostly veneer over the frustrated expectation that they are supposed to be regarded as center of the universe.

    I think Obama's upbringing allows plenty of room for both of your observations: yeah, he's a Muslim and he likes and appreciates Islam. He's not quite enough of a Muslim, though: through no doing of his own, he was transplanted out of an Islamic environment, and I've no doubt he waxes nostalgic for those times of simple innocence and security when he was just a little sprout. Now he's a big guy who remembers in his bones that he is supposed to be the center of the universe. He's happy to act out that role everyplace he goes. It might be, though, that he expects (maybe correctly) for Muslims to hear what he says in the same way Dems do: "If it doesn't agree with what I think, Obama is just saying it to outwit those brainless Conservatives and Republicans."

    Trestin--I know that I'm scared. We've got to stop practicing cultural relativism. Most people's compliance with it is just show, I think. Who really believes that all cultures are equal? That's just a perversion of "all men are created equal." It's obvious that not all environments are equal.

  4. Yes, good point about his personality and the influence of his childhood. As we see daily, he's never really grown up, though. His roots and his loyalties are not in America, and I'm sure that he intends to, as this imam says, smile and lie to our faces while hating and cursing us inside with the goal of spreading Sharia and Islam. Our president seems to be with the axis of evil, while our people most certainly are not. It's beyond disturbing and will lead to an all out religious war, something this does not need to become. But now it seems almost certain.

  5. Fuzzy-

    You see all-out war. I see a deepening and widening of the current capitulation. If NYC--of all places on the planet--can get behind a mosque at Ground Zero, it will be left to individuals to resist on their own.

  6. I wrote some about Obama's religious inclinations along with the power of prayer in our country's founding here:


    I believe that because Obama's mom was godless, he was craving something to believe in so he gravitated toward his dad's heritage to try to fit in somewhere. In the end, I think that he his own god and has spent his whole life trying to fit in. This video of Johnny Cash explaining it all cheers me up:

  7. First, excellent post, and I look forward to the whole video, QR. Second, Fuzzy, I LOVE the HP analogies. More, please. ; ) And I'm intrigued by your analysis re the treasured-child-emotional-paradise, QR. I think it's spot-on.