Sunday, June 6, 2010

El Marco's "Prayer Time at the Ground Zero Mosque"

Photographer El Marco shows us yet again why we must never forget, never give in.

A few snippets to give you a taste of El Marco's thoughtful work.
I came to the city to photograph the rally of Stop Islamization of America (SOIA) on Sunday, June 6th, which is dedicated to stopping the construction of a mega-mosque 600 feet from the gaping hole which was the World Trade Center. First, I visited the Islamic Center Mosque on 96th Street and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, miles from ground zero. What is significant about this 1980s mosque is that it was created by the father of the man who is spearheading the Ground Zero mosque project.
Doctor Mohammed Abdul Rauf (1917-2004) was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was formed in Egypt in 1928 and has over 70 branches including Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah. The Muslim Brotherhood is classified as a terrorist organization and banned in Egypt as well as the United States.

I only saw five women enter [the current Ground Zero mosque on the first floor of a building damaged during 9/11], and they were required to use a side entrance.

Andrew C. McCarthy who prosecuted the “blind sheik”, mastermind of the first terror attack on the World Trade Center, wrote in his authoritative new book, The Grand Jihad:
“In common parlance, someone is a “radical” Muslim only if he is a practitioner of jihadist terrorism, as if it were perfectly normal to want exactly the sharia state the terrorist wants as long as one refrains from terrorist methods in seeking it. The U.S. government, as well as our states and municipalities, clings to this connotation. At all levels– administrations of both political parties, intelligence agencies, law-enforcement, members of Congress, the federal bench, state and local authorities– officials would rather stick pins in their eyes than grapple with the incontrovertible nexus between Islamic doctrine and the savagery committed by Muslims throughout the world for decades. We are lead to believe that the only real “radicals” are the terrorists. Any other Muslim, no matter how supportive of terrorist goals, is deemed a “moderate” so long as he doesn’t seem, right this minute, to be plotting the next Armageddon.
It will be well worth your time to view the entire photo essay.

Via Doug Ross @ Journal. Hat tip: Nice Deb.

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  1. This is really good stuff. Thanks for shearing.

  2. Photos from the Ground Zero mosque demonstration are coming in, and there is a great post at American thinker about the Boston mega-mosque that was mentioned briefly in a couple of news articles about the two guys picked up in the Boston area in connection with the Times Square bomber. I'll be posting about those soon, I hope. You might want to go to El Marco's site; he has posted his photo essay on the Ground Zero demonstration (link above).