Friday, June 4, 2010

Tolerance is Easy When It's at Other People's Expense

British comedian, Pat Condell, warns Americans about the Ground Zero mosque, stealth jihad, and the Islamization of America.
Some of Condell's insights:
  • You know, it seems to me a much more appropriate place for a mosque in New York would be the United Nations building itself because that organization has become so Islamo-friendly in recent years that frankly I'm surprised it doesn't already have a minaret. 
  • 9/11 could never have happened if not for Islam, and its teachings, and its doctrine of jihad, and its false promise of an impossible afterlife without which none of those gullible lunatics would have been persuaded to carry out such an insane act.  
  • Without the shield of religion to hide behind, Islam would be banned in the civilized world as a political ideology of hate, and we have no obligation to make allowances for it anymore than we do for Naziism. 
  • It's true that diversity's been good for America. It's been the making of that country, but American diversity has always been grounded in respect for the values--the individual liberties--that make America what it is. Islam rejects those values, and that's the difference, and it's a very important difference.
      Hat tip: Jihad Watch.
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      1. i trust everything will be fine. bless you!........................................

      2. I've seen a few of his videos. He may be liberal with some reason.

      3. Trestin - He's new to me. I'd like to see more of what he does.