Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Barack Hussein Obama: Case Worker-in-Chief

During his defend-the-indefensible budget press conference, I was astonished to hear President Obama regret that he is not a caseworker who can pick up the phone and make things happen for Americans who are down on their luck. Tough luck for all of us. He is only the president of the United States and the most powerful man in the free world.

The Washington Post reported it in the Great Orator's own words:
I -- I -- I -- look, I definitely feel folks' pain. . . .
But sometimes I'm also just frustrated by the number of people out there who are struggling and, you know, you want to help every single one individually.
And I -- you know, you almost feel like you want to be a case worker and just start picking up the phone and advocating for each of these people who are working hard, trying to do right by their families . . . .
So, yeah, it -- it's frustrating. 
That's really some disconnect, and I'm not talking about the President's phone service.

Apparently, Obama still has not figured out that it does no good to advocate for someone who needs help unless there is someone around with the means to help that person.

When case workers advocate for the people they are trying to help, the buck stops at the drawer in which Case Worker-in-Chief Obama keeps his "stash." The money in that "stash" is put there by none other than private sector businesses and private sector workers trying to make a few bucks despite the mountain of obstacles shoveled into their way by Obama's policies. The bucks that they don't make will not be "spread around" via tax revenue into the federal "stash" that funds the goodies that case workers dispense and the salaries that keep case workers showing up for work.

Nevertheless, in recognition of Obama's pain-feeling abilities, I bring you the following snapshots:

Obama feeling your pain during linky love 

Obama feeling your pain on the court

Obama feeling your pain on a Honolulu beach

Obama and the Mrs. feeling your pain between martinis and a Broadway show

Yep, that's one empathic guy.

Instead of feeling America's pain, the president could make a few calls and do something about that pain. He could start by promoting a budget that seriously reduces the runaway debt destroying this country's economy, a debt of his own design.

That wouldn't take care of every single individual, but it sure would help.


  1. Finally common ground between me and Obama. I wish he was a case worker too, and not the president.

  2. @Odie - There must be an opening for him somewhere in Chicago. Or Hollywood . . .