Friday, February 18, 2011

Hey Wisconsin, Don't Bother to Phone Your Dem State Senators

Only these Republican state senators swore the Pledge of Allegiance yesterday in Madison.
They're hiding out in Illinois. Somewhere.

They may have made it to the bus to a Rockford, Illinois resort where they stayed briefly and then checked out, but they missed the bus to fiscal sanity, along with thousands of called-in-sick Wisconsin teachers and their hapless students, who are being prepared to spend their lives as work serfs in a declining economy in which they will enjoy a lower standard of living than their teachers and possess even fewer readin', writin', and 'rithmetic skills.

It's all about a move by Wisconsin's governor to force unionized teachers to chip in to their pension plans and health care coverage. From Stilton Jarlsberg at Hope 'n Change Cartoons:
So what we have here . . . is a perfect microcosm of the difference between the way Conservatives and Liberals intend to deal with the fiscal crises which will soon cripple (if not outright destroy) our nation. The Conservatives want to address the problem honestly, and take necessary - albeit painful - steps.

The Liberals refuse to deal with the financial issues in any way whatsoever and, if the voters are against them, they'll leave their posts rather than cast a vote for fiscal responsibility. And all while Barack Hussein Obama raises the level of anger and hate, attempting to turn simple budget-balancing into class warfare and, quite possibly, violence.

The defection of the Wisconsin Democrats and the reaction of the president seem to indicate that if America's budget is ever to be balanced it won't be through the actions of bills, bookkeeping, and legislation (all of which are unacceptable to the Left)...but will instead be the result of fighting in the streets.

That's not what Conservatives want. But it seems to be what the Liberals and the president of the United States are insisting on, and are trying to provoke.

God help us all.
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Via Backyard Conservative, a little 'rithmetic lesson for Democrats:

Click here to watch it spin. 


  1. The liberals do have a plan and that is for you and for me to pay more of their paycheck with inflated dollars which in turn means we can do the cutting back. I know, I live in Massachusetts where the one party rules.

  2. @lady di - The One's party rules here in New York State, too. The plan seems to be to drive everyone who has a job or a property they can tax out of the state.