Friday, February 25, 2011

Troops Machine Gun Libyan Children, Obama Parties; Newt Says "Pink Slip Eric Holder"

An American family reaches safety in Malta.

From the UK Daily Mail:

Passengers aboard the Maria Dolores, a small catamaran chartered to evacuate 167 Americans and other nationalities from Tripoli, spoke of the immense suffering for the Libyans left behind.
Speaking to CNN, one unidentified American citizen on the Dolores said: 'I saw carnage.

'Helicopter gunships were shooting at them [protesters].

'The army were using heavy machine guns and automatic rifles against little children throwing rocks.'
Meanwhile, Michelle Obama made it back from her Vail, Colorado ski vacation in time to attend the White House Motown Black History gala.
Making history in the presidency is just what Michelle Obama's husband is doing. Today, Newt Gingrich observed that "President Obama overstepped his constitutional authority by ordering his administration to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act, a duly instituted law. Gingrich's idea is that, if push comes to shove, the House of Representatives should vote to stop paying the Attorney General's salary. Said Gingrich:
I believe the House Republicans next week should pass a resolution instructing the president to enforce the [Defense of Marriage] law and to obey his own constitutional oath, and they should say if he fails to do so that they will zero out [defund] the office of attorney general and take other steps as necessary until the president agrees to do his job.
Eric Holder: First U.S. Attorney General to qualify for a job retraining program.


  1. I'm sorry, but did we really need Newt to tell us that? I'm too angry to make sense here, so I'll be at Woodsterman being silly.

  2. @Odie - No! But I've noticed the Republican Reps don't listen to me. Maybe they'll listen to Newt.

  3. I didn't write about this, but I was too angry & I've made it a point to never blog angry.
    That being said, I will link your post. You managed to say what I wanted to say without the cursing. =)