Thursday, February 24, 2011

Discovery's Last Lift-Off

For a man who just recently was exhorting America to pursue a new "Sputnik moment," President Barack Hussein Obama was conspicuously silent on today's final launch into orbit of the veteran Space Shuttle, Discovery:

That's understandable for a president who went out of his way reduce America's space program to the point of having to hitch rides from Russia, after first making NASA's "foremost" mission "to improve relations with the Muslim world."

Here's a quick review of how that plan has been going today:
  • A 20-year old Saudi Arabian chemistry student, Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, was picked up by the FBI when he was just one chemical purchase away from implementing his plan to hide bombs (detonated via a cell phone) inside realistic-looking baby dolls in strollers to blow up George W. Bush's Dallas home, the homes of servicemen who had served at Gitmo Abu Graib, nuclear plants and dams. Oh, yeah, and numerous targets in New York City.
  • Obama refused to send U.S. Navy ships to rescue Americans stuck in Libya and instead chartered a boat too small to cope with the Mediterranean sea. Result: hundreds of Americans are spending a second night aboard a passenger ferry in Tripoli, after waving goodbye to the citizens of Greece, Turkey, China, Britain, and Italy, countries that were able to get their citizens to safety.
  • Rebels have taken control of Libya's second-largest city, Benghazi:

How 'bout that idea of giving the Muslim world access to space technology? It kinda makes me nostalgic for the good ol' days when Lubbock, Texas made news by giving the world Buddy Holly and the Crickets singing, "That'll be the day . . ."


  1. Did you hear? Along with the crew of the shuttle, the President has made sure that there 5 goats sent with them. This way the musloons will feel they are a part of this mission.

  2. My head spun a couple of days ago when a lady friend offhandedly said "We should de-fund NASA, what have they done that's so important?" Stupid people really annoy me. I may have lost a friend with my answer. C'est la vie.

    This is a sad moment.

  3. @Odie - What did those goats ever do to deserve that?

    @Robot - A very sad moment. Neither your friend nor the POTUS seems to have any idea of where those technologies they depend on came from or how they work.

  4. It's sad that the NASA shuttle program is ending. I wish a certain Muslim could get to know SPACE really well.

  5. It was a really sad day. The most profound comment I heard that day; "Guess the coast will start looking more and more like Detroit now."