Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dearbornistan's Prosecution of Christians Continues

Or is it persecution?

Negeen Mayel, a young Christian woman whose parents fled from Afghanistan, was arrested at the 2010 International Arab Festival in Dearborn, Michigan and then jailed, prosecuted, tried in court, and convicted. Her so-called "crime"? Videotaping a few of her Christian friends preaching the gospel and distributing copies of the Gospel of John in English and Arabic, something Arab Muslims don't tolerate, even of Arab Christians.

Shariah law being enforced by U.S. police on U.S. soil:

Background on this story is available here and here: "Keeping the Peace" by Arresting (Non-Violent) Christians.

H/t: Thomas More Law Center


  1. I have seen the future... and it gives me chills

  2. What is amazing is that this went to trial!

  3. @Odie - Of course, if you listen to the present administration, there is no MuzBro in the U.S., but if there were, they would be "secular," just like in Egypt, and surely the Muzbro wouldn't be building a mosque on Ground Zero.

    @Woman - Dearbornistan has been harassing both Arabic immigrant Christians and native-born American Christians for years, and getting away with it.

    @Just Me - One of the four Christians arrested at the festival in 2010 is an MD. They were handcuffed "to the jeers and shouts of 'Allah Akbar' by the Muslim crowd."

    @Joaquin - The Thomas More Center has been supporting the First Amendment rights of Christians in Dearbornistan for a while now. Last year, they got an injunction from the Sixth Circuit so that a Sudanese pastor could distribute leaflets at the Arab festival. The previous year, the police had threatened to arrest that pastor if he did. That case is still on appeal.