Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You-Can't-Make-This-Up Quote of the Day

Via Shout First and Ask Questions Later comes this observation:
Okay, so the US Administration's mission is WTF (winning the future) and Her Majesty's Government's is BS (Big Society). The EU's, meanwhile, is FU (Financial Union).
Is there anything more we need to know?



  1. That about covers it ... ah, the truisms of life.

  2. Ha ha ha ha! Good stuff. The Barry Brit Euro socialism WTF BS FU. LOL

  3. stealing and passing along =)

    too funny

  4. I needed that. Only the Totally Humorless Big O could so endlessly tiresomely rant about winning the future (even my kid got fed up with that phrase) without realizing what the initials were...