Thursday, November 4, 2010

California Dems Elect Dead Woman for State Senate

Jenny Oropeza in life.
I've heard of dead people registering and casting ballots, but Californians have taken the practice to its logical conclusion by electing a dead woman to their state senate, by a substantial margin.

Via What Planet Am I On?

It’s been well established that the dead seem to rise up every other November to vote in Chicago.

But now the residents Long Beach have done Windy City one better.

California’s 28th State Senate District has re-elected Democrat Jenny Oropeza…

Who died last month ...

Democrats hold a 20 point voter registration advantage,

But the latest numbers showed that the Deceased Senator was leading by nearly 23 points.

Which means the Zombie politician received bi-partisan support!
Ahhh. There's nothing like an informed, unbiased electorate.


  1. "Ahhh. There's nothing like an informed, unbiased electorate."

    Not in California there's not.

    That picture makes her look like she was already dead and just waiting for the funeral.

  2. When is California supposed to fall into the ocean? At this rate there will be nothing left when it does.