Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Morning Prayer in India: Athiravile Thiru Sannidhi

Christianity was brought to what is now the Indian state of Kerala by St. Thomas the Apostle in the year 52 AD, by way of the ancient port city of Cranganore. One custom of this Christian community is that, at break of day, family members sing this sweetly beautiful devotional morning song, a reminder of God's loving care for his people. Some believe this song dates back 1,000 years.

The language of this song is Malayalam, which is closely related to Tamil and is spoken by more than 36 million people, mainly in Kerala.




  1. thanks for that my friend..of course Hussein is in India lauding Izzzzzzzlam..good grief!

  2. @Woman -

    This singer's voice is celestial. I wish could find a translation of the lyrics--I could only find commentary on what it is like growing up in a household that starts each day by singing a song as beautiful as this.

    1. Very rough translation:-

      Give me grace, Lord Jesus, to praise you more
      When morning dawns and your presence draws near

      I praise you for your grace in preserving me
      Where ever death has stalked on this earth

      Thank you for giving joy within my heart at such a time
      When many weeping bitterly

      Lord, your grace is truly great because you preserved me by sending your angels
      When the devil would come near and slice me to pieces in my sleep

      I worship you Lord because, without sleeping, you were by my bedside guarding me mightily
      Giving me restful sleep

      In you grace command light to enter in my inner man
      As the sun rises and lights the whole earth