Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tell Me Again Why We Don't Need Missile Defense . . .

and why the U.S. shouldn't maintain military superiority because we need to "level the playing field."

Via HotAir:

I'm not buying that firing of missile big enough to be an ICBM is just a stunt cooked up by show-off local hobbyists looking for a thrill, that some Navy guy accidentally leaned on the wrong button, or that Obama is trying to send a message to Asia from the coast of Los Angeles. Geesh.

Next question:

Who would fire a missile like this so close to a populated area like Los Angeles?

H/t: Nice Deb.


  1. don't know who fired it, but a little disappointed it didn't hit LA

  2. Don't worry QR. Odds are very, very good that this was a jet's contrail caught at a weird angle to the viewers. Same thing happened in San Clemente once, at is was mistaken for a missile launch too.

    "Who would fire a missile like this so close to a populated area like Los Angeles?"

    Us and no one else, unless the "others" were starting a war-- and then there would be no reason to launch it that close.

  3. "at is was" Geez.

    That should be "and it was..."

  4. To leave a contrail like that, an aircraft has to be at a height where the moisture content of the atmosphere is right. That's usually pretty high, although it is not impossible for it to be lower. Given the perspective of the hilicopter in the foreground, and that the jet itself is not visible, that contrail is moving pretty fast for a high flying aircraft.

    Furthermore, the shape of the "contrail" at the bottom is very typical of rockets and very atypical of aircraft.

    What appears to be flame at the front of the contrail at some angles is typical of rockets, not aircraft. It is too space specific to be sunlight and too big to be an aircraft.

    As noted in the video, this could very well be a missle fired from a submarine.

    Looks like a missle to me.

    Who fired it?

    Pure speculation.