Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Now That's Leadership: Col. Allen West's Victory Speech

Promises to keep:
  • Preserving this Constitutional government as the Founding Fathers wanted.
  • Bringing honor and integrity to Washington, DC. 
  • Re-establishing the investment and ingenuity that made this country great.
  • No Neville Chamberlain moments for the USA.
  • We will secure our borders.
  • We will take this absolutely abominable thing called ObamaCare and start over.
Listen up:
Via the most excellent Gates of Vienna, who added:
These were the sentences with the greatest resonance for me:
I know who the enemy is out there, and I am not afraid of confronting that enemy.

And I am not afraid to make sure that this enemy knows that the United States of America believes [in] peace through strength. Peace through might.

We will no longer have a policy of compromise, negotiation, and appeasement with the enemy.

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