Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Looking at Some Election Results in New York State

I had a great time yesterday evening watching the results come in at William Jacobson's Election Day Live Event. Many thanks to the good professor and the other patriots who helped him. There's nothing like a genuine patriot to make room for--dare I say it?--genuinely hopeful change.

Overall, it looks as though my state, New York, just gained between 5 and 7 new Republican reps, and, remarkably, the new state assembly might even be a dead-even tie between Dems and Repubs, with the Democrat lieutenant governor, Duffy, being the tie-breaker. Wow!

New York, like Massachusetts and California, was not as eager as most states to join the Tea Party, so we lost some good opportunities to inject some sanity where it has not seen the light of day for many years. Notably, we are stuck with a governor, Andrew Cuomo, who was one of the first to peddle policies that led to the sub-prime loan crisis. Imagine that. Carl Paladino came to the game with a baseball bat and some great ideas, but he didn't keep his eye on the ball. When faced with New York's entrenched Democrat machine and media, he blinked and let the discussion get personal when New Yorkers wanted to hear how he was going to cut taxes and restore jobs.

Chuck Schumer and his sock puppet, Gillibrand, remain in their seats, so, again, conservatives in this state have no senators to appeal to. To Schumer and Gillibrand, conservatives are only annoying obstacles, best ignored, and they don't even bother to leave room for us in the back of the bus.

Looking over the election results for my favorite local candidates, though, I am again somewhat heartened. Michael Arcuri (NY-24), the devoted Pelosi rubber stamp, will not be returning to his office, which boasted a staff that definitely made it clear that they didn't want to hear from any constituents who might have wandered off Pelosi's farm. Arcuri voted for ObamaCare the first time in the face of his constituents' strong opposition, and later got Pelosi's go-ahead to vote against it only after his no vote could not affect the outcome. We expect better from his replacement, Richard Hanna.

Tom O'Mara (NY-53) defeated progressive Pam Mackesey, and that's a very good thing. Two progressives that held onto their seats are Maurice Hinchey (NY-22) and Barbara Lifton (NY Assembly D-125), who were kept in office by fellow progressives who still think conservatives come equipped with fangs. No matter how much decline those voters experience in their quality of life, they seem always to interpret that decline as an "unavoidable national trend" that needs to be swept under the rug.

Curious about these or other election results in other areas of New York State?  Go here.

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