Thursday, November 11, 2010

Obama Looks Happier Than Michelle . . .

visiting the Istiqlal Mosque, wouldn't you say?

Now who's been sent to the back?



  1. Would you rather her have a miniskirt?
    She probably has that look because she knows what the haters will say of course and she was right.

    She's dressed like Mary or the women in the Bible did. Very modestly, and beautiful as ever

  2. @Anonymous - Yeah, she dresses that way all the time, modestly. (Uh, huh.)

    Especially in the summer heat. You can see that she dresses like that when vacationing in Spain, Africa, Hawaii, and Martha's Vineyard. (Or maybe not.)

    And she loves being required to sit in the back of the room. I noticed that about her. (Sure I did.)