Saturday, November 6, 2010

Culture Clash: Dogs as Bombs vs. Dogs as Bomb Sniffers

Rediff News via Adrienne's Corner

Muslims in Mumbai are up in arms against a United States military sniffer dog allegedly with name tag of 'Khan' that has landed in the city as part of President Barack Obama security arrangements.
On Tuesday, the German Shepherd arrived in the Mumbai airport from a Hercules C130 transport plane. The German Shepherd allegedly had a tag around its neck which read 'MWD Khan.' MWD stands for Military Working Dog. Khan is alleged to be the name of the dog. 

Angry Muslims in the city and the state are threatening to protest this 'insult' to the community.

The issue became a rage when a tabloid had reported the incident and quoted veteran actor Raza Murad objecting to the dog being named 'Khan.'

Just for the record, Khan does not mean dirtbag or anything like it. In English, the name translates to Prince. In terms of insult value, I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone call a beloved pet Prince, King, or Queenie.

Prominent Muslim religious heads have expressed anger and dismay on the information of a US dog being named 'Khan.' Maulana Syed Athar Ali said that it is a known fact that Muslims detest pigs and dogs.

Detesting dogs--now that's something to be proud of, I think we are meant to understand. Are you paying attention, PETA?

"To name a dog a Muslim name by US security agencies is to deliberately incite the Muslim community. We would be meeting soon and devise a strategy to protest and seek apology from the US," said Maulana Athar Ali.

Too late, Ali. Iraqi terrorists are way ahead of you in the "strategy" department. They'd prefer to use dogs to destroy lives instead of save them. From the UK Daily Mail via Atlas Shrugs:

Sick Islamic terrorists tried to bring down a US cargo plane using two exploding DOGS, it was revealed today.

The Kamikaze canines - whose stomach had been stuffed with bombs and detonators - were discovered at Baghdad airport two years ago, French daily Le Figaro said.

They had been primed to explode in mid-flight, but were never loaded aboard the aircraft because freight handlers spotted both dogs had died in their cages.

A cargo plane was targeted by terrorist who loaded two dogs up with explosives on a flight from Baghdad International Airport, formerly named Saddam International Airport, to Los Angeles

Post mortem examinations on the animals uncovered explosives and detonators set to go off several hours into the flight from the Iraqi capital to Los Angeles, Le Figaro said.

I wonder what names those dogs had.


  1. What a bunch of hypocritical wusses. The dog's name is fine but the use of dogs as bombs is very, very bad. I am so sick of the complaints from Muslims. They are overly sensitive.

  2. Wow, just wow. And we are called intolerant because we oppose the "Cordova" project's wanting to build a victory mosque near ground zero.

    Wake up America, we really need to work on our righteous indignation, cause Islam has us beat hands down.

    Great post. I like your blog as well. =)

  3. @Teresa - What these Muslims lack in the ability to control their own acute sensitivity, they make up for in their ability to ignore the existence of feelings in other human beings and any other of God's creatures.

    @fleeceme. I think you've hit on something. We need not only to demand that Muslims stay off our sacred Ground, but also demand that they start apologizing to us for even thinking of it.

  4. Any culture that rejects dogs, has some serious problems.