Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Of Course TSA Is Profiling: They Are Looking for the Defenseless

Supposed you work for the TSA, and it's been a rough day. Which of these people would you pull aside for a pat-down?
Most Americans have been arguing that it's time Obama's TSA drop the PC nonsense and start profiling, but it seems to me that the TSA already profiles--they are just profiling the wrong people.

Three-year-olds, blue-eyed octegenarians, and American servicemen in uniform are not accidentally being pulled over for pat-downs. TSA employees are human, and, as such, naturally have their own internal profiling process for selecting people for whatever annoyance, humiliation, or violation of Constitutional rights the Obama administration has authorized them to perform that day.

How about this garden-variety type of profiling: Selecting people who are the least likely, statistically, to give the TSA employee trouble. Right away, you know that meticulous American law-abiders will be stopped for pat-downs while a troop of bearded and burqa-clad Shariah law adherents traipse by without interference.

The profiling processes used by those who select defenseless children or compliant nuns for pat-downs [description here] surely do not reflect mere desire to get the job done as easily as possible.

At the same time, another type of deeply unmentionable profiling is going on, the kind of profiling by which bearded and burqa'd Shariah law adherents are deliberately not stopped for pat-downs as part of the progressive left's ostentatious show of its obsession to prove that "we'd never suspect Muslims of any misbehavior," a progressive tool that is being used to drive Americans to the point of abandoning our heritage and Constitutional rights.

A case in point, of course, is Obama's insistence that, in addition to paying our airline fares, some of us strip naked in exchange for the privilege of flying from one place to another.

There's just nothing that this administration thinks we can't be made to do when crushed between the two millstones of political correctness and the government's desire to "regulate" interstate commerce.

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  1. I think the answer is clear. We all need to where a burka while traveling.